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My Green Living is a podcast for anyone who is trying to find balance in their life through fitness, nutrition, mindset, & spirituality. The podcast is hosted by Donovan Green who is a certified health coach, trainer to Dr.Oz, author, and motivational speaker, and he knows his stuff. If you are tired of feeling ou to shape and is looking for healthy tips, fitness strategies, and motivation, this is the place for you.
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Mar 21, 2017

Today's episode is with my good friend Dr. Jennifer Caudle. Jennifer says that we only live once but if we do it right then once is all you need. Getting healthy should not require a science degree in medicine but it does require good common sense. Making sure to get your check-ups such as your blood pressure, mammogram, colonoscopy, etc... can save your life in the long run. Jennifer warns to be careful of false information circling the web because they can cost you your health or even worse... YOUR LIFE! You should get your yearly checkups the same way you would with your car. Just because you don't feel sick it does not mean you are healthy.