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My Green Living is a podcast for anyone who is trying to find balance in their life through fitness, nutrition, mindset, & spirituality. The podcast is hosted by Donovan Green who is a certified health coach, trainer to Dr.Oz, author, and motivational speaker, and he knows his stuff. If you are tired of feeling ou to shape and is looking for healthy tips, fitness strategies, and motivation, this is the place for you.
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Feb 20, 2017
Today's show is all about perseverance and hard work. I had the honor of speaking with Kim Griffin who is an author, speaker, nutritionist, and life coach.
Kim has been through the loss of her mother during the time of her marriage, so she had to go to a wedding and a funeral during the same time frame.  She also lost her brother, but she still managed to overcome those hard times and continued on her journey to compete on stage in fitness.
She overcame depression and was able to identify why she was not eating correctly. Kim was able to set her self-free from fear and depression. Kim says you don't need permission to break free from life challenges and never hold your feeling inside. Share and tell and set yourself free from stress. Her story deeply moved me, and her courage to step up to the plate and represent in life inspired me to do more. She is a hero in my eyes, and I respect her strength and persistence to achieve all of her goals.