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My Green Living is a podcast for anyone who is trying to find balance in their life through fitness, nutrition, mindset, & spirituality. The podcast is hosted by Donovan Green who is a certified health coach, trainer to Dr.Oz, author, and motivational speaker, and he knows his stuff. If you are tired of feeling ou to shape and is looking for healthy tips, fitness strategies, and motivation, this is the place for you.
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Mar 21, 2017

Today's episode is with my good friend Dr. Jennifer Caudle. Jennifer says that we only live once but if we do it right then once is all you need. Getting healthy should not require a science degree in medicine but it does require good common sense. Making sure to get your check-ups such as your blood pressure, mammogram, colonoscopy, etc... can save your life in the long run. Jennifer warns to be careful of false information circling the web because they can cost you your health or even worse... YOUR LIFE! You should get your yearly checkups the same way you would with your car. Just because you don't feel sick it does not mean you are healthy.

Mar 10, 2017

Today's show is what I call awake-up call with my good friend Dr. Joel Khan. 

At his core, Dr. Joel Kahn believes that plant-based nutrition is the most powerful source of preventative medicine on the planet. Having practiced traditional cardiology since 1983, it was only after his own commitment to a plant-based diet that he truly began to delve into the realm of non-traditional diagnostic tools, prevention tactics, and nutrition-based recovery protocols. He passionately lectures throughout the country about the health benefits of a plant-based diet inspiring a new generation of thought leaders to think scientifically and critically about the body’s ability to heal itself through proper nutrition.

One of the world’s top cardiologists, Dr. Joel Kahn has treated thousands of acute heart attacks during his career. He’d like all that to stop. He’d like to prevent ALL future heart attacks by breaking through to the public to educate and inspire a new holistic lifestyle. Now is the time to focus on educating the public to eat clean, sweat clean and apply cutting edge science to their lifestyle.

Mar 3, 2017

Today's show is all about following your legacy and doing what you love even when the odds are against you. Ben chose to become a chiropractor due to his childhood experiences with his mother and father. He witnessed amazing miracles happen through the art of chiropractic and was able to ignore all the noise circling the practice of chiropractic care.

He made the decision to become a chiropractor during a time where it was illegal for a chriporactor to say they can help someone. Ben said that all the hate fueled his fire, even more, to push forward in carrying on his fathers legacy.

He got to a point in his life where he had to decide what impact he wanted to make in the world so he gladly chose Chiropractor. Though he wanted to become a business owner as a child he grew up to become a well-known Doctor in the holistic world in Orange County California.